Big Hug


Hello! You are on the webpage of the oncoming kindest restaurant Big Hug!

Why the kindest? 

Big Hug is a restaurant where there will be a delicious cuisine, a welcoming atmosphere for guests and developing social values. The main purpose of Big Hug restaurant is to provide workplaces for people with Down syndrome. The profit of the restaurant will be donated to charity projects.

Про ресторан Big hug

And what happened? 

And what happened? Many people responded and the Big Hug project began to have friends and admirers. Artem Bondar and Mykola Gip (Architectural Bureau of Quader Group) have volunteered to design a restaurant for free. The Flash & Thunder Group marketing team participated in the development of strategy and market research. A restaurateur Dmitry Khodakovsky became a consultant and helped to plan the project so that it was a decent competitive establishment with a delicious cuisine and excellent customer service. A coffee card for the establishment will be developed by the best barista of Ukraine Vyacheslav Babich.

About Big Hug Pandas

In the process of meeting and creative brands there was an idea to add paintings to the interior and reflect the whole nature of the famous art. On the walls there will be reproductions of epochal artists, including “Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli,  “Mona Lisa’s Smile” and “The Last Supper” by Leonardo and Vinci. But on the walls of Big Hug the roles of Mona Lisa, the apostles and the Goddess of Venus will be given to the cutest creatures, namely pandas. After such a creative idea the project team was pleased with the pandas, because these bears are associated with joy, tenderness and hugs. Thus, the Big Hug panda became a talisman of the institution.  Then  “Fantastic Group” soft toys company  joined the project and offered to create a plush  Big Hug panda. Today toy pandas have become the main instrument of raising funds for construction. People buy a bear for 300 hryvnias for themselves or an inmate of a children’s home, the proceeds from the sale go to the construction of the institution. In order to start construction it is necessary to collect 50,000 euros. The first part of the Big Hug restaurant, namely a cafe with coffee to go, will be built for these funds.


All proceeds from the sale of pandas will go to the construction of the restaurant.

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