Help Bank

International charity foundation

Our mission

Help millions of people become happier

Our Values

Happy childhood

We strongly believe that all children, regardless of their life circumstances, deserve to have a happy and safe childhood. A happy childhood is the foundation of a healthy society.



Personal well-being depends on the state of physical and mental health.


Poverty free

All human beings have basic needs that must be met in order to live comfortably. A comfortable life allows a person to take care of others and create opportunities.



Everyone has individual needs and different opportunities, while having the right to enjoy any social benefits to develop personally and professionally.


Public Recognition

Recognition and acceptance by various social groups is an important step towards the development and improvement of life quality.


Choose Help Bank?

We don't donate, we invest

Each project is aimed not only at solving a problem, but at providing opportunities to a group of people.

Our foundation is a bank of help and goodness. A foundation’s performance is measured by social contribution.

The foundation’s team uphold the position that every person can be a socially useful unit of society, personally developing and influencing the improvement of other people’s lives. Charitable donations, a pro-active attitude and volunteer initiatives are opportunities to invest your efforts and resources in improving the quality of people’s life. The more like-minded people do this every day, the higher the standard of society living becomes. This is the foundation team’s life philosophy. The more people join us, the higher the social effect becomes, which measures and affects a sustainable development.

Why join
in the foundation?

Everyone who participates in
our Foundation

contributes to the development of society.

What is the importance of contribution towards society and its development? If you set a planning horizon of ten years or more, you can see that today’s children are our future employees, employers and those who will govern the country. Add 10 years to your age, and think, how do you see young people through this period? If you want to achieve the desired results, you should contribute to the future today.

How does
Help Bank work?

We - are a charity bank

Our foundation collects money. Each donated hryvnia is kept on the Help Bank account. All collected funds are transferred to the project, which is supervised by us.

The charitable contribution can be one-time, monthly and annual.

Help Bank supports existing
foundations or social initiatives.

Become our partner and help us save lives?
Leave us your mail and we will write to you

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